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Virtual Art & Animation

image production and animation with Blender, Makehuman, GIMP,... .

Blender is a powerful application that allows you to create 3d images and animations. The main advantage over other applications like 3d Studio or Maya is that blender is completely free.

The program allows you to model, render, structure, illuminate, animate and post-edit all possible three-dimensional scenes. The complex interface offers endless tools, including primitive functions, nurb curves,...

Blender is compatible with the vast majority of formats and standard programs such as 3d Studio, Autodesk FBX, Collada, Wavefront, and STL.

One of the biggest problems with blender is probably the steep learning curve, who wants to get good results with the program, must invest a little time. It offers a large and helpful community as well as many tutorials and examples that you can find on the Internet. The program is also used by professional studios to create video games and movies.

Each new version offers new tools to enhance your creations: flow simulation, special render filters, a fully customizable physics engine, and much more, all of which makes blender a complete and flexible application. .

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